Besides the similarities, there is a significant difference between the two processes. Although a couple has the power to reconcile after the legal separation expires, their marriage has not been settled. If they want to be separated permanently, they should divorce first. Divorce gives both couples the freedom to continue their individual lives once it has been granted by the court. You will then need to provide your spouse with copies of the divorce documents to bring the divorce application to their legal attention. The legal grounds for divorce generally require the spouses to live apart for a period of time. However, this requirement differs from the concept of legal separation, which allows spouses to deal with matters such as division of property, maintenance and custody of children without legally terminating the marriage. To file for divorce in Louisiana, an applicant must file documents in municipal court and pay a filing fee. The amount varies, but ranges from $200 to $350 across the state.

Depending on how proof of delivery is provided, additional charges may apply if you use a sheriff`s deputy or private processing server. The help of a lawyer in anything that involves legal proceedings is necessary. Some terms need to be explained in layman`s language. Lawyers will also offer advice on the separation process. It is also important to have a lawyer because they know and guide what is needed when preparing for a legal separation. Louisiana is both a no-fault and error-based state when it comes to stating grounds for divorce. The mention of the benefits of legal separation may seem ironic. The breakup seems stressful and a positive view of the process will help. Some of the blessings you count from a legal separation include: Most legal breakups in Louisiana are a “prequel” to divorce. If you have contracted a regular marriage in Louisiana, you can get an immediate divorce by proving adultery or a prison sentence for a conviction for a felony and similar crimes. But if you want a no-fault divorce, you`ll have to wait for a time when you don`t live together.

This separation period is 180 days if you do not have minor children, or 365 days if you do. There is no provision in Louisiana law on how finances and other matters are to be regulated during this period. A separation agreement refers to a legally binding contract signed by the couple to resolve property, child, and debt issues. The document contains many details, which makes it complex. It depends on the couple and how quickly they can agree on all issues. It is best to prepare your separation agreement, as it is valid for the legal separation period. Most couples want to file for divorce directly, but are limited by their region or culture. In other circumstances, some people want free time to judge their character and behavior that led the bride and groom down a rocky path. Once you are convinced to apply for a legal separation, you can consider the process. It involves a lot and could impact you.

Let the content of this article be your guide when you apply for legal separation in Louisiana. Spouses may also opt for legal separation on religious grounds. Some religions do not view divorce with benevolence and staying married, although legally separated, puts less pressure on a couple who might otherwise go against their church and religious beliefs. The two pre-divorce separations may be called “legal separation” in Louisiana. Is there a law that allows “regular” legal separations in Louisiana? There is no such thing. The laws relating to the application for legal separation were removed from the Code when no-fault divorce was introduced. People choose legal separation over divorce based on religious beliefs, the need for a spouse to retain health insurance benefits that would be lost in a divorce, or simply not the stigma of divorce despite the desire to live a separate life. Being legally separated is a different legal status than being divorced or married. You`re no longer married, but you`re not divorced either. You cannot remarry as long as you are legally separated. When a spouse leaves home, couples may be physically separated, but in the eyes of the law, they are not legally separated.

Legal separation requires an effective judicial procedure to enact certain provisions. When you stood in front of your friends and family and said “yes,” you never thought your marriage would fall apart. The past year has strained an already fragile relationship. It`s time to admit it`s over. The real question is: what`s next? Those living in Louisiana have two options: legal separation or divorce. You can even make a legal separation and then divorce. If you`re wondering what the difference is and when each would be the best, you`re not alone. This is a question we are asked quite often. Let`s answer that now! First, the couple seeking legal separation must be honest about their finances when preparing a separation agreement.

This is essentially the disclosure of assets and liabilities. Each person must sign the agreement in the presence of a witness. The agreement is voluntary and no one should be forced to sign it. It is also mandatory for both to understand the agreement. If there are contentious issues, the court intervenes to find a solution, especially for matters concerning children. The concept of legal separation was removed when Louisiana switched to a no-fault divorce model that allows divorce 180 days after the filing date if the spouses lived apart and separated. It is not necessary to prove marital disorders. However, the concept of legal separation still applies in federal marriages, which still maintain fault requirements and still require legal separation. Financial benefit – if the couple is legally separated, they are still legally married.

However, they continue to enjoy marital sickness and insurance coverage. In other cases where the marriage lasted longer, the couple benefits from social security. The tax benefits remain even after the separation, as the two are technically married. It is a legally binding document. If a party does not comply with the requirements and obligations of the Order, the other party may take legal action to ensure that it does so. A separation agreement is a legally binding document signed by both spouses. Legal separation includes issues such as division of property and custody matters. To be legally separated, you must present evidence, not mere charges, of the crimes listed above. The collection of such information may take some time, and the process is best started once you decide to break up. Louisiana marriage licenses have an option for a federal marriage.

This option is rare, with only three states: Arizona, Arkansas and Louisiana. If you`re in a federal marriage and want to legally separate, a family law lawyer can help you better understand how the process works.