On December 19, 2017, it was reported that Miller had sent a transphobic email to film critic Danielle Solzman, a trans woman. Solzman had previously tweeted a screenshot of the email in August, in which Miller`s name was blacked out, fearing he would take legal action against her. It covers pop culture, social justice issues and current issues. Stay up to date with her on Instagram and Twitter. He called his accuser a “university stalker” with mental health issues who believed “Kate (Kate Miller, the comedian`s wife) stole his life.” He accused the media of saying what they wanted without Miller being able to use it. He described the dark takeover, drug abuse and a subsequent blackout. “He has substance abuse issues,” a source close to Miller said. “He`s got a good heart and he`s a sad guy who does things that make you shake your head.” In Thursday`s filing (read here), the prosecution said its decision was based on “medical analysis and expert reports on the defendant`s previous brain surgery and ongoing neurological effects, raising doubts about the legal element required of intent to commit the alleged offense.” Miller had undergone brain surgery a few years ago after suffering a hemorrhage and several seizures. He said a piece of his golf ball-sized frontal lobe had been removed. The actor had endured a number of legal troubles since he broke out for his role as Erlich Bachman in the HBO series Silicon Valley.

He was arrested in 2016 during the attack on an Uber driver in Los Angeles and has seen allegations of sexual assault from his college years resurface, which he has denied. He also made headlines in 2017 when he abruptly announced he was leaving Silicon Valley. “Silicon Valley producers and T.J. Miller mutually agreed that T.J. would not return for Season 5,” HBO said in a statement at the time. But while people like Coccoli were able to forgive Miller`s less serious offenses, his substance abuse problems became increasingly difficult to ignore. “Many of us have been approached in ways that range from deeply heartbreaking to traumatic or downright illegal. And some of us were put in positions where we felt physically insecure. In 2012, Miller released The Extended Play E.P. Illegal Art Remix Tape. [36] Also in 2012, Miller released Mash Up Audiofile on Comedy Central Records to mixed reviews.

[37] Solzman testified that she met and befriended Miller on the Chicago improv scene, that he supported her new coming out as a trans woman, and that she (Solzman) did not know why Miller became hostile. [52] [53] Solzman also told HuffPost that she tried to interest various publications in the story last September and received several anonymous text messages on Miller`s behalf threatening blacklisting and legal action. [52] In response to the story, a Miller representative stated that his client “certainly experiences certain things,” but denied that he was transphobic, insisting that it was “a specific problem he has with this person.” [52] More than a dozen women reported exposing them to unwanted touching or other inappropriate behaviour in decades of cases. He announced his resignation from Harvard after being placed on administrative leave. Several women reported that he touched them inappropriately or aggressively during filming. Several women said he physically abused them, in some cases during sex. He resigned. After investigation, the prosecutor`s office announced that he would not be prosecuted. Later that month, a movie star tweeted that Miller had sexually harassed her during the filming of Comedy Central`s “Mash Up.” A film critic and former friend of Miller`s also accused the comedian of sending a transphobic email.