Build and play step by step: The first part of our launch weekend is to open the box, explore all the components, assemble your thumbnails, and guide your units through introductory exercises that will help you fully understand the rules. Share the experience with a friend, and you can assemble the characters on one side – Rebel or Imperial – and move twice as fast for your first glimpse of the game`s intense land battles. The PDF is really clean and well assembled, but I`m not sure how it differs significantly from FFG`s officially created skirmish variant? The fan version changes some keywords and lowers the value of the points to 300 (instead of FFG`s 500). The FFG release also introduces targets, configurations, and conditions specific to skirmishes. Otherwise, the two appear to be identical. Each player who participates in the Build & Play game of the Star Wars: Legion launch weekend will receive a handy quick reference rulesheet – a rulesheet that captures some of the most important rules from the Learn to Play (pdf, 13.3 MB) and Rule Reference (pdf, 8.0 MB) documents and places them where you want them most: right in front of your face! This more comprehensive guide is the SWL Rules Reference Guide (RRG). The RRG is a PDF of about 100 pages available for free on the Atomic Mass Games website that covers the different stages of gameplay and especially all the rules of keywords. The RRG itself is a living document that is updated when units and keywords are added to the game or when various rules prove problematic and need to be revised. While there are other rules tools and websites, they are all based on the RRG (including the rules section of this wiki). I agree with Crabbok that I would have preferred something closer to Kill Team in the Star Wars universe, especially now that AI skirmishes are no longer supported. There may not be enough solo characters to support it, but I think you could still rule an additional commander/agent. If you`ve been looking forward to the upcoming release of Star Wars: Legion and want to get a head start on learning the rules, you`re in luck! Fantasy Flight Games has just published the Rules Reference and Learn to Play manuals on its website as a free download. Let`s take a look at what they had to say.

FFG`s combat rules are just 500-point games of Legion. It doesn`t change much else. With this PDF, you can create entire units only from upgrade and other boards. So they had individual stormtroopers running around and things like that. More individual troops than full units. It would look more like a team of killers on the table than a smaller legion game. The first step in Star War: Legion launch weekend is learning how to build and play your new Minis. The biggest decision you have to make is whether you will repel the forces of the Empire or destroy the rebel scum completely? Whichever side you choose, be sure to download your copy of the Learn to Play and Rules reference to learn the basics and familiarize yourself with the playstyle of that game. Challenge Duels: Once you`ve gathered your troops and learned the basics, you`re ready for battle! The second part of the Star Wars: Legion launch weekend is an opportunity to test your tactical acumen on the field. She and a friend will take turns pitting units against each other and record the results of these skirmishes.

There are two separate duels, and you can play on both sides of each duel and report your results to the organizer. Finally, the last resource for rules is the Atomic Mass Games Rules Forum. This page is a forum where users can ask a question to the AMG Legion Rules staff to get a formal decision on an issue. These are often very unusual niche scenarios or questions about interactions with new unit rules or mechanical elements that lead to unforeseen confusion. The first of these is the “Learn to Play” guide. The Learn to Play (LtP) is a short physical paper booklet that introduces the basics of SWL gameplay. A copy of the LtP is included in each base set, both in the Galactic Civil War and Clone Wars sets. The rules included in the LtP are incomplete and are intended to quickly familiarize people with the basic gameplay. Once players understand the basic mechanics, it`s easy to get a more comprehensive guide to the rules. War is an inescapable part of the Star Wars universe, from defeating the Rebel Alliance at the Battle of Hoth to some elite rebel attack teams battling a legion of stormtroopers on the forest moon of Endor. With Star Wars: Legion, a miniatures game with exciting infantry battles set in the Star Wars universe™, you can take your chance to bring your boots to the ground and lead your troops to victory! The rules of Star Wars: Legion are contained in several documents.

As for the second part of the launch weekend, this is where it starts to be fun! Oh wow, I didn`t even know there was an official skirmish mode! I will definitely check this out! There are three special rule-related documents that can be found on the Atomic Mass Games Legion Documents website. One is the Skirmish Guide, which explains how to modify the standard 800 pt 6`x3` set to the 500 pt 3`x3` skirmish format. The other is the Points Update, which compiles changes to points for different units and upgrades. The last one is the Errata reference, which compiles all the text changes on the Unity, Command, Skirmish, and Upgrade maps made after the physical maps are printed. Finally, there is a Legion tournament document that contains information on how the structure of a competitive event is organized, but this document focuses on the organization of the game event, not how the games themselves are conducted. Now clarify your manufacturing and distribution issues =) In case you weren`t there for the flow, it`s been confirmed that Phase II Z-6 is 27 points. In memory of Alex Davy, the B2-ACM Trooper is heavy for the 23-point B2, but was much less sure of it (Brian suggested maybe 26). Unfortunately, they didn`t have the cards for good images at hand, but the spreads of the ad post show enough.

I love the idea of official events with two formats. I could imagine that this format would become very popular. I love 800-point games, but man, they take a lot of time Is it playable with the base set? I think diving into it wouldn`t make sense to them. It is a format for new players to give a taste of the full 800pt format to bring them to membership. Anyone who would buy a battle map expansion and priority supplies has already purchased enough in Legion to justify additional expansions like this. I think the shorter playing time, smaller footprint and reduced product requirements could make it a real success. Exciting! Curious, what does it mean to be “closer to Kill Team”? I`ve never played Kill Team. Each participant receives an entry prize and the most successful player from each of the four armies wins an art draw.

I like this and it makes me hope that other optional game modes can arrive in the future. Star Wars: Legion Launch Weekend consists of three distinct activities, each with its own rewards: a step-by-step game, challenge duels, and a drawing contest. You can attend one, two, or all three events as you like, but the more you attend, the more exclusive material you can claim. For what it`s worth, I haven`t played this fan version, but I`ve played 500-point games and I think that`s a big change. I love the feel of a big battle, but these are much shorter and easier to play! Perfect for engaging someone in the game. I love it. My boyfriend and I have played some of the 500 pt “Imperial Discipline” games and we like them to be faster to set up and play. I like the new deployments and terms that FFG has developed. So maybe I`ll get my daughter to play the game. We are approaching the release of Star Wars: Legion and Fantasy Flight Games has just released the reference rules and Learn to Play as a free PDF download.

Yes, it could have been released as an expansion or bundled with 3×3 playmats or something like that. It`s epic. Crabbok mentioned that he hopes for a strike team mode, and I couldn`t agree more, but it`s almost necessary in my opinion. Would u/JustAnotherZakuPilot for Echo and Fives get Arch Trooper keywords or just what`s on their own maps? In addition to building and playing, there will also be a painting competition.