Most lawyers register with the New Zealand Institute of Legal Executives. Promote unity, cooperation and mutual support among legal leaders! Lawyers may take some or all of the following actions: See the course information below to learn more about this study option. Check out the Select Courses tab to see which law courses you can study. For more information on legal frameworks, please visit the website of the New Zealand Institute of Legal Executives (NZILE) in Registered legal executives can become associate members of the New Zealand Law Society through their membership in NZILE. The work covers a wide range of activities, including searching public registers, preparing and filing documents, preparing estates, selling and buying real estate or a business, and debt collection. A senior executive can question clients on behalf of a lawyer, but does not appear in court Artificial intelligence software has been developed to find case evidence, prepare contracts and search for legal information. These tasks are a big part of a legal leader`s job. In the short term, technology can help lawyers do their jobs, but in the long term, it can replace some of the paperwork they do. Open Polytechnic has worked closely with the New Zealand Law Society to develop and maintain the quality of our legal leadership qualifications. Legal frameworks can advise on legal documents The demand for executives is expected to remain stable, because: Without the legal framework degree, I would not be in the position I currently hold. Email: PO Box 5041, Lambton Quay, Wellington 6145, New Zealand DX SP20202 To become a legal executive, you need a New Zealand Diploma in Legal Studies (Level 6). The New Zealand Institute of Legal Executives Inc (the Institute) is the professional association for legal executives in New Zealand.

The Institute was founded in 1975 by legal executives for the benefit of lawyers and has more than 1300 members. Our objectives are to promote and protect the status and interests of legal leaders and to promote unity, cooperation and mutual support among legal leaders. We also continue our training through our branches. Obtaining this qualification is also one of the eligibility criteria to become a registered legal executive as a member of the New Zealand Institute of Legal Executives Incorporated. Legal frameworks help lawyers prepare and file legal documents, research and prepare cases, provide legal advice, and assist with home sales. A legal director is a person who works as a trained assistant to a lawyer in a legal or quasi-legal environment. Note 2: If professional experience is indicated as a prerequisite after qualification, it applies to all qualifications listed for the occupation (unless otherwise stated). EFTS stands for full-time equivalent student.

An EFTS is the period of study required for each course and is used by the Higher Education Commission to decide whether a course is part-time or full-time. To become a sponsor, you must complete the Toi Omomai Institute of Technology online Diploma in Property Transfer (Level 6). Note 1: The qualifications listed (unless otherwise specified) are New Zealand qualifications acquired under the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF). Foreign qualifications must be comparable to the New Zealand qualification standard listed. Foreign qualifications therefore require an International Qualifications Assessment (IQA) from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, which specifies the comparable NZQF qualification. Note 4: The qualifications of candidates claiming points on the basis of this list in the category “Skilled Migrant” must be recognized in the category “Skilled Migrants”. The estimated workload on a course page is calculated as follows: If you have specific study or career goals, our course option may be for you. If you`re just studying one course, you can sign up for one or more courses to learn the skills you need. Number of credits x 10 divided by the number of teaching weeks for the course.

The times are rounded up to the nearest integer. If you wish to apply for residency in New Zealand, you may be eligible for the “Skilled Migrant” category or a work visa to reside if an accredited employer offers you a job. Note 5: If the New Zealand registration is indicated as a requirement and indicates that one or more qualifications are in this area of absolute shortage of skills”, a person only needs to possess the relevant New Zealand registration and have acquired all professional experience necessary to meet the requirements of the list. In these cases, qualifications are only listed for individuals applying for a work visa under WF4.1. Credits are awarded to courses based on the time and effort required to achieve their learning outcomes. In general, each credit corresponds to approximately 10 hours of study time. If you are between the ages of 18 and 30 and your country has an agreement with the New Zealand government, you may be able to apply for a working holiday visa. The New Zealand Law Society (NZLS) administers the NZLS Legal Framework Diploma qualification until 2017. The NZLS qualification is now discontinued and instead the New Zealand Diploma in Executive Legal Studies is currently offered by a few tertiary service providers across New Zealand. If you have enough points and meet the requirements, you may be able to apply for a residence visa in the “Skilled Migrants” category. This visa category allows you to live and work in New Zealand indefinitely and access most publicly funded services. The first step in applying for a visa is to submit an expression of interest.

Teaching weeks are the number of weeks we teach a course. This is different from the registration deadline, which is based on the start and end dates of the course. Our qualifications are issued on a quarterly or open basis. Employers with vacancies in New Zealand who have made serious but unsuccessful efforts to find a suitable New Zealand citizen or resident for the position may hire migrant workers. In this situation, the employer can apply to Immigration New Zealand for a basic permit to hire workers from abroad. You can also offer a job directly to a migrant and support their application for a work visa for essential skills. The employer must provide supporting information and demonstrate its efforts to hire New Zealanders first. Want to know more about the lists? See how they are reviewed and updated. Note 3: If a bachelor`s degree accredited by the Washington Agreement is required, the engineering degree must be awarded from the date the country became a signatory and must be on the list of accredited programs of the signatory country. To determine whether an engineering degree awarded is accredited by the Washington Agreement, please visit the International Engineering Alliance website.

You have a relevant recognised qualification equal to or higher than the level described in the ANZSCO, OR you have the relevant professional experience that will replace ANZSCO as a formal qualification (for any profession at qualification level 1, you can replace the qualification specified by the ANZSCO with 5 years of professional experience, even if the ANZSCO does not indicate it), OR your occupation is included in the list of long-term skills gaps and you meet their requirements, OR your job requires legal professional registration in New Zealand and you have full or provisional registration for your profession. Whether courses are offered online, on paper, or in a mix of both, there may also be things like workshops, Noho Marae, work experience, and internships you can attend. To find out what your course includes, visit the course information page. For more information on the business programs we offer, download our sales brochure (PDF 2MB) Note 6: A letter, certificate or registration from the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand Incorporated (IPENZ), as Engineering New Zealand was called, may be used to satisfy the requirement for a letter, certificate or registration from Engineering New Zealand. A letter from IPENZ can also be used to meet an applicable requirement instead of a letter from IT Professionals New Zealand. The name IPENZ was changed to Engineering New Zealand in October 2017. It is recommended to work in a law firm during your degree studies. A visitor visa is a great way to experience all that New Zealand has to offer.