It`s not the slogan Nike is best known for (read on – the one you`re thinking of is actually Nike`s slogan). But in keeping with the purpose of a slogan, the company has used this thoughtful line to describe several individual campaigns that position Nike as the athlete`s partner in the ongoing process of improving their sport. Are you currently brainstorming ideas for your company`s slogan? Get inspired by these 100 company slogans and find out what makes or measures their success. Think of a slogan as something more permanent. Slogans are used to briefly restate a company`s mission, values, and beliefs. Typically, marketing slogans are not product-specific. Rather, they help emphasize the importance of a company`s mission. Your tagline is what will ultimately be directly associated with your brand in the years to come. You want to say exactly what your business stands for and give your customers a reason to follow you. Our famous list of slogans would be incomplete without Nokia`s epic “Connecting People.” And we bet there`s a jingle playing in your head right now. Let`s jump straight to the good stuff – some of the best slogans and sample slogans. These corporate slogans have made waves and are examples of remarkable, famous slogans. We dive into the “why” behind the popularity and fame of these corporate slogans so you can keep your lessons to take in mind when creating your own memorable lines.

Real estate is one of those critical industries that is both immensely personal and completely overwhelming. Buying a home is a labor of love that requires the biggest financial commitment most people will ever make, while giving them the most personal thing they`ll ever own. For these reasons, those in the real estate industry need to look as professional and humane as possible, which can sometimes be a delicate balance. You probably know most of them, which is a testament to their success. Have you ever heard the marketing advice “sell the sizzle, not the steak”? That means selling the benefits, not the features – which is perfect for slogans. A good slogan makes the benefits of a company or product clear to the audience. In 2012, Toyota announced a new slogan to replace the outdated slogan, which was moving forward. The company claimed that the new motto was their way of inviting customers on trips to see new places and dream big dreams with Toyota. “Just do it” is Nike`s famous slogan.

It`s very motivating – it requires the audience to do what they want with unwavering concentration. It is inspiring and universal and has a very strong emotional appeal. Nike has always been a socially responsible company, and this slogan has always been synonymous with inspiration for change and social progress. Dunkin` Donuts` slogan sums it all up in these famous four words. As the company itself says, it`s a celebration of life, and the slogan perfectly shows that you can treat yourself to moments of happiness even in your busy life. Money can`t buy you love. I can`t buy you luck. I can`t buy joy. MasterCard`s world-renowned Priceless campaign was launched in 1997 and followed a shift in people`s perception of what it means to be rich.

Instead of being rich, the company wanted people to live a life full of dreams, sincerity and positive attitudes. Pitney Bowes` tagline shows us that its products not only help businesses track and deliver goods, they make the entire ecommerce community more efficient. This is a good strategy when considering the alternative. How lame would the company`s slogan be if it were “We fuel transactions that serve our customers` results”? Here are some of our favorite slogans in the real estate industry: The slogans featured here are extremely popular and can be viewed by customers with little thought. Some are better than others, but whatever happens, these are the slogans that people know. While some companies have multiple slogans or change theirs over time, these are the ones that are cemented forever in popular culture. The line was so successful that writer Kurt Vonnegut called his book “Breakfast of Champions” in 1973. It remains one of his best-known and most influential works, and the Wheaties slogan remains etched in the public`s memory. Use powerful words and phrases. These are the words that evoke an emotion.

Once you have a few slogans to test, do a test! See if others respond well. In addition to addressing the client directly, the company is also firmly positioned in the role of BFF. Like the perfect wingman, they assure the client of his self-esteem; and gives them a little nudge to engage in self-care. To this day, the phrase is one of the most recognizable slogans that travels through nations, countries and cultures. Wellness services aim to improve people`s quality of life by improving their physical and mental health. As a result, the health and wellness industry is very personal. Most of the best corporate currencies are short and accurate. And there`s a reason for that: people simply don`t have time to read long texts. Do you remember Nike`s iconic “Just do it”? We bet you can create something so concise and effective.

The following slogans do a fantastic job of differentiating their law firms and focusing on what makes them great: If you`re an insurance company, you need to show people that you care about them. But this approach is very common in all industries, so how do you stand out? State Farm discovered this with its famous jingle: “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is here.” The line effortlessly shows that State Farm is a company that cares about the community. He also projects that the company is responsive, caring and willing to listen. So if you ever need help, your good neighbor State Farm is at your disposal. History: Coca-Cola is a brand with many slogans, but “Open Happiness” best represents the digital age of marketing. The campaign began during Super Bowl XLIII and quickly went viral, featuring a series of ATM hacks in various locations, from a college campus in New York to a shopping mall in Pakistan. Companies have slogans for the same reason they have logos: advertising. While logos are visual representations of a brand, slogans are audible representations of a brand. Both formats grab consumers` attention more easily than the name of a company or product. They are also easier to understand and remember.

Again, with the example of Apple in mind: slogans are traditionally associated with campaigns and slogans – with companies. To find a compelling company slogan, you need to wrap up a punch with just a few words. Taube, A. (2014, June 27). Psychologists have discovered the secret to creating a really great slogan. Retrieved 18 February 2019 by Here are some slogans that we think capture this sense of respect and imagination very well: For any brand or company, a good slogan and slogan plays a huge role in solidifying its memory value. If you keep a close eye on yourself, you will notice that you regularly buy many products because you remember their slogan or slogan. Slogans are the first impression for many potential consumers, so it is imperative to emphasize the value of the company. Another good example is the slogan KFC – “It`s finger lickin` good”. Skittles is a well-known fool: a brand that jokes with you, is fun and puts you in a good mood.

The expression “Taste the rainbow” encompasses the whole idea of the brand. What makes Skittles special here is the curiosity, sometimes even the absurdity, of their brand message. Colin Kaepernick is the new face of the company`s new “Just Do It” campaign. The slogan of the company Mosaic is also its mission statement, which ensures that the brand strategy of this fertilizer manufacturer is in line with the main interests of the company. Many sentences may seem poetic, but they are made to death. For example, if you want to write the slogan of a company that sells fresh fruit, the “gift of nature” is extremely hackneyed. Do some research, brainstorm, and find something that looks fresh. Ward, P. (2018, January 5). What Google`s tagline “Don`t Be Evil” can teach you about creating your company`s currency.

Retrieved 18 February 2019 by`t-be-evil-slogan-can-learn-you-about-creationing-your-companys-motto/#4daf312111f4 Here are some examples of short slogans that fail because they are too short. They`re too general to communicate anything substantial, so they lack memorization, emotions, and meaningful differentiation: are you worried? Stressed? Excited? Go with the flow, someone once said. Diesel, a brand that caters primarily to a young audience, decided to reinvent the well-known phrase and proposed this: “Go with the flaw”. Of course, they are all multinational companies of foreign origin. Some of our Desi brands do the slogan game just as well. Kinkade, K. (2018, March 21). Test your knowledge: Can you combine these slogans and brands? Retrieved 18 February 2019 by “Slogan” is often used as a synonym for “slogan”.

A slogan or slogan is a slogan that acts as a hook for a brand and makes it memorable. It can be defined as a brief summary of what a brand stands for. It forms the basis of a brand`s philosophy – about how the brand itself projects itself, what values it has and how it interacts with the audience.